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Robert McFarlane

Level 2 Mortgage Agent

verified Verified Agent

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What I love most about my career is the ability to help clients explore all the options that are solving the current problems or issues they are facing.

Hobbies, Family life

Father of three children under the age of ten. Current hobbies include whatever they’re interested in the moment, which is currently hockey, baseball, Gymnastics and drawing on the walls.

Fun Fact

Actually enjoy crunching numbers and confirming the proper usage of they’re, there and their.


Vaughan, Ontario


nuBorrow Member Since

March 01, 2023

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Featured Reviews

Tracy Weiler
We had a great experience working with Rob. He responded to all our questions quickly and efficiently. He is very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and professional through the whole process. Highly recommended!
Larry Pearce
From the moment I applied on line, I received my call the next day from a friendly and knowledgeable person. He worked with us through the process of securing the mortgage to purchase the home we already live in.
Jamie Andre
This was the most refreshing financial experience I have had thus far in my years of owning multiple properties. Nuborrow took the time to cater options that suited my needs and walked me through how to not only help mine and my families financial health but also learn how to use the equity in my home to my benefit.

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Robert McFarlane
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