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Our friendly team is ready to talk by email, text, or by phone - anytime.



'Yes, we do that'

Whether you need real-time advice, want to review your current situation, or just need to talk things through - we can help.

Why did the bank say no?

Being in the dark isn't a good thing when it comes to finances and it can be frustrating. Together we will discover how to improve your credit profile so the bank screams 'YES' the next time you apply.

Should we refinance now?

The truth is mortgage rates fluctuate and timing the market can prove difficult. Since not all mortgages are created equally we believe it never hurts to compare lenders, and it's free!

Is using home equity a good idea?

No , it is not. Using equity in your home without a plan is a very bad plan. That's why every Nuborrow client comes with a customized three-year road map to help you achieve your goals while saving money!

Can we really stop the minimum payment cycle?

Absolutely! We've been teaching our proven strategies to clients for decards, and thousands of graduating users. Our strategies have saved thousands of clients millions in high-interest debt, and improved credit scores on average by 110 points.


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